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metal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steelmetal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steelmetal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steel

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About Roofs of Steel

Welcome to Roofs of Steel, Ottawa Valley’s ultimate spot for expert metal roofing services offered at the lowest price possible. Our metal roofs last decades longer than traditional asphalt or fiberglass shingles. Our steel roofs also far outperform aluminum roofing, as steel roofing is much harder and thus not as easily dented as softer aluminum roofing options.

Our steel roofs are also deck-mounted, surpassing strapped metal roofs for a long list of reasons, with the main one being that strapped roofs create a gap, whereas deck-mounted roofs do not. The top of that gap (metal) gets hot, while the bottom (your existing roof) does not. This temperature difference is how you create condensation, which is not ideal. Instead, our metal roofs are mounted directly onto your existing roof with tornado clips and screws, removing the gap and any chance of condensation forming.

We researched the typical problems associated with metal roofs and then succeeded in resolving them. Most companies claim to be the best in their field. We can prove it.

Hear from our staff

“My passion is to create roofs that will be around for more than a century. With every roof I install, I imagine bringing my grandchildren to see it, many decades from now. I will be proud to show them how great my craftsmanship still looks after all this time.”

Why Choose A Steel Roof?

Roofing has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. With extreme weather and increased UV worsening each year, previous industry standards no longer apply. A metal roof installation by Roofs of Steel will give you the most value, highest quality, longest life, and best curb appeal roof on the market.

A roof makes up around half of a home’s exterior. Yet, most people don’t consider their roof to be a design feature because asphalt shingles have always been the default option. At Roofs of Steel, we don’t settle for the default – we want your roof to reflect how much you care about protecting your home.

That’s why Roofs of Steel offers amazing metal roofing systems in organic-looking styles and earth-toned colours. No other home renovation will have as much impact on your home’s value, curb appeal, and quality as a professional metal roofing installation.

Roofs of Steel is Ottawa’s leading company and metal roof contractor for premium metal roofing services. Our metal roofs are guaranteed to be high-quality, and our prices are affordable. We offer a lifetime guarantee with each roof and a transferable warranty.

We’re Ottawa’s metal roofing experts, servicing the Ottawa region and anyone within 1.5 hours from the city.

Photos were taken by photographer Paul Couvrette when the Roofs of Steel’s crew installed a metal roof on his home.

metal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steel


  • Use strapping because
  • Put the screws through the panels to install other panels, because
  • Use aluminum panels because
  • Use outdated designs or colours
metal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steel

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Financing is available through Financeit. Enjoy zero interest and zero payments for six months!*

*Open loan. Pay off any time. After $500 deposit. OAC.

metal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steel

Is a Steel Roof Right for You?

Your home is your sanctuary – it’s where you create your best memories, spend most of your time, and raise your family. Protect your home the right way. Choose Roofs of Steel for your next roof if you’re looking for:

  • A high-quality steel roof
  • A professional roofing contractor
  • A guaranteed way to eliminate roof maintenance and replacement costs
  • A practical way to protect your home against poor weather conditions
  • An improved curb appeal
  • A warranty that’s transferable to future homeowners
  • A variety of organic-looking styles and earth-toned colours
  • A higher property value
  • A roofing company that uses North-American-made materials
  • An experienced team of professionals; the best metal roof contractors in Ottawa for metal and steel roof installation
  • The best metal roofing for residential areas

Service Area: Ottawa Valley Region

Locations within a 2 hour driving radius from Ottawa.

Ottawa, Nepean, Cornwall, Kanata, Orleans, l’Orignal, Newport, Smiths Falls, Richmond, Rockland, Alfred, Petawawa, Pembroke, Cobden, Greely, Manotick, Russell, Vars, Limoges, Alexandria, Kemptville, Perth, Embrun, Crysler, Casselman, St. Albert, Clarence Creek, St. Pascal, Cumberland, Franktown, Pakenham, Kinburn, Arnprior, Braeside, Burnstown, Merrickville, Brockville, Cardinal, Bainsville, Chesterville, etc

metal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steel

Explore Our Work

Beautiful metal roofing solutions that come with added peace-of-mind. What more could you ask for?
Browse our before & after projects below.

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metal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steelmetal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steel
metal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steelmetal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steel

Our Metal Roofing Products

Our roofs work with nature to ensure they can withstand extreme weather. We do not use the problem-prone strapping system that causes condensation, nor do we put the screws through the panels. Instead, we install your new roof with tornado clips.

This means all panels interlock with each other, allowing the entire roof to expand and contract without loosening screws over time. It is a true floating roof that can withstand winds up to 200 km/hr.

“If you have a non-combustible roof that is in good condition and if you have a clear, immediate zone – about one-and-a-half meters around your house – your house has a 90% chance of survival.”

– Rachel Woodhurst, program lead for FireSmart BC, after assessing more than 2,000 homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases: no. There are zero benefits to removing the old shingles and several benefits to leaving them:

  • You save the labour cost for removal.
  • It is an extra insulation layer.
  • It acts as an extra sound barrier.
  • The most important benefit of leaving the shingles is that every time you remove them, the hundreds of nails keeping them in place are being torn out of the plywood. This leaves holes. And often, chunks of plywood come out.

With our roof, you can safely leave those shingles. Our underlay creates the perfect environment for the old shingles and for the plywood underneath. The special underlay can breathe. And while no water, ice or snow can penetrate it, moisture underneath can evaporate. Everything under the underlay will remain dry and breathable.

Our roof is designed to easily accommodate solar panels. The roof is installed directly onto the existing roof – without a gap caused by strapping. That means it is very easy to install solar panels right over it.

The other advantage is that with a disposable roof, you need to have the solar panels removed and re-installed every time you re-roof or do maintenance. Our roof does not require maintenance and does not need to be replaced for a lifetime.

A new type of solar panel is being developed that will be glued directly onto metal roofs. You are maximizing your future options.

Yes, you can walk on our roof because it is installed directly onto your existing roof. Most other metal roofs are installed using wooden slats (strapping) that create a gap. This gap means that you can only walk where the slats are. With our roof, you don’t have to worry about that.

A number of homeowners with either asphalt shingle or metal roofs are getting snow guards to break up the snow as it comes off the roof. With a metal roof, snow will no longer accumulate. It will come off in smaller batches. This again means less stress on your home! Whether to go with snow guards or not, depends on where people walk, and what your preference is. If your entrance is under a gable, then no snow should come down in that area. If there is no gable, then you have the option to install snow guards or not. Most people don’t.

Our Kynar500 finish is US Energy Star approved. It results in energy savings of up to 35%. Easily 65% of radiant energy enters your home through your asphalt or fibreglass shingle roof. A Roofs of Steel roof solves that immediately. The savings really add up.

A steel roof is one of the most sustainable roofing options available. The average asphalt or fibreglass shingles need to be replaced every 8 to 10 years. Not only is this process expensive and tedious, but it creates tons of waste for landfills. Additionally, asphalt and fibreglass shingles contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Metal roofs solve all of these problems, and have the added benefit of being recyclable!

A Roofs of Steel metal roof has been galvanized on both sides and has a rating of G90 – meaning that your Roof of Steel has a longer lifespan than the typical asphalt or fibreglass roof. Our roofs are also designed with Canada’s climate in mind. Our roofs are meant to withstand extreme changes in weather. Finally, our roofs have the highest hail and dent resistance rating in the industry, giving your home the protection it needs.

Asphalt and fibreglass shingles can crack and split during hail. Aluminum is a soft metal that dents easily. But our roof has the highest hail and dent resistance rating in the industry.

In a worst-case scenario during a particularly extreme hailstorm, if there are one or two small dents, then these would simply blend in with the beautiful texture of the cedar or slate profiles.


“It was such a pleasure working with Antonia and the installation crew. The service, professionalism, and quality of product was by far the best I’ve ever seen and experienced as a homeowner. I feel glad to know there are people and companies like Roofs of Steel, that put a high level of care and skill into their trade. Thank you, Antonia and the installation crew for doing a great job on my home and working on it like it was your own!”


“We’re very happy with our new steel roof. We were amazed at how quickly the roof was installed, and it looks really good! The crew was also excellent– prompt, polite, and meticulous. Antonia was also super helpful with getting us sorted out and was great with all our questions. This roof will last us a lifetime of happiness in our new home.”


“We received our quote in October 2022 and requested that our roof be done in June 2023. The material was delivered in late May and the roof was done June 1st 2023. Perfection in timing! They are very knowledgeable and had very fast, friendly communication. The crew was polite, efficient and cleaned up everything very well. My neighbour had a steel roof done by another company a few years ago and they were working on it for 2 weeks, loud sounds every day. Roofs of Steel sent a large crew and it only took one day to install. The new roof looks great and I’m happy to never need to worry about replacing it. Thanks!”

“From the initial communication and inquiry through to completion of the job, Antonia and her team exceeded all of our expectations. Antonia was professional, knowledgeable and patient with our questions. Her team was always on time, easily accessible if we had questions as they worked and very respectful. The finished job is exactly as promised and looks beautiful.
We are very grateful for such a smooth and easy experience and would highly recommend Roofs of Steel.”

“Roofs of Steel installed a new metal roof on our house in June 2021. We chose aged slate, espresso brown, and we couldn’t be happier with the result: it looks gorgeous. Our interactions with the company have also been nothing but positive. They really took the time to explain exactly how metal roofs work and what our options are. The crew that installed the roof was quick, thorough, and professional. We had a few follow-up requests, and those were granted quickly without any issue. It has really been a great experience from beginning to start. I will also add that they work with a factory based in Ontario (among other options they have), and so our new roof is a local product. All in all, highly recommended.”


“We could not be happier with our new steel roof from Roofs of Steel! Antonia responded immediately to our query and within a very short period of time the roofing materials were dropped off and her crew installed the new roof over a three-day period.  We were amazed by the professionalism of the entire crew, truly impressive for all the right reasons and quickly confirmed with us that we had made the right choice.  The end result exceeded our expectations!  What was a beautiful old farm house was transformed into a stunning wonder!  Thank you Antonia and crew!”


“For many of our ancestors roofs were basically branches, animal skins, leaves, or asphalt shingles. I was tired of watching my asphalt shingles hang glide across the property during storms, tired of the Groundhog Day approach to roofing; replace, wait, repeat. A steel roof from Roofs of Steel, will end all that.

Who knew that steel shingles could be installed in the winter. Colin and his team made it look so easy. Contending with freezing rain, heavy snow did not dampen their spirits or their determination to build me the best roof possible and doing so without any inconvenience to me. Colin has a keen eye for detail, which made me feel confident. He shared all relevant observations regarding the project with me.

I would like to thank Antonia, Colin and his good workers for my beautiful looking roof.

There aren’t too many things out there that we only need to purchase once in a lifetime. Put a steel roof on your list, and 613 290-9607 in your address book.” 🙂

Tom in Navan

metal roofs Ottawa, Home, Roofs of Steel

Brenda & Brian, Pro Seeds

“Confidence, that’s what I felt throughout this whole process, from the initial quote to the completed project. After a quick phone call explaining my needs, the owner came to my house and confirmed the issues. She came up with multiple options and quoted variable prices ranges and gave an estimate of each products’ life span. I took the time to get a few other quotes, but none of the other businesses inspired the confidence or the range of products that this company provided. We agreed on a price and date, I then made a small deposit compared to the size of the job. I got a call two weeks out from the agreed upon timeline and materials were delivered to the job site and I made another payment. With in a week, the roofing crew showed up and walked me through the process one more time before starting the work. They installed a black steel roof. The product and workmanship was guaranteed for life. The roofing crew showed up on time every day, ensuring that my property was respected and maintained daily. They were exceptionally polite and wonderful with my children and their curiosity. When the project was completed, the roofers walked me through the complete build, ensuring client satisfaction. The completed product was outstanding… I made a final payment on the project at that time. I feel that I have the nicest roof in the neighbourhood, and it should last me a lifetime…
With all of the negative stories in the news about construction companies, I was worried about starting a project of this magnitude. I feel blessed to have found this company… Stress-free and confident throughout the whole process. Thank you very much!”


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