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Company Mission & Overview

Roofs of Steel is a Canadian-owned metal roofing company based in the Ottawa area. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality steel roofing with expert installation and superior customer service. Roofs of Steel outperforms other deck-mounted steel roofs because our metal roofing system uses sliding tornado clips that interlock with the panels. This allows the panels to expand and contract without moving the clips or screws that are used to attach them. This means those screws will not be wiggled loose and therefore do not need maintenance.

The famous Kynar500 finish we use is the highest quality in the industry – easily outperforming other paints. With today’s extreme weather patterns and increased UV levels, traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, fibreglass and regular metal roofs no longer stand up to the abuse.

Instead, high-quality steel roofing is impact resistant, standing up to extreme weather better than any other option, and when coated with our Kynar500 finish, fights UV exposure far better than traditional roofing systems. This ultimately provides a virtually maintenance free roof!

For a roof that lasts a lifetime, choose a Roof of Steel.
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Authorized dealer of Soteria Metal Roofs, made in Ontario.
Canadian-made, with a lifetime, transferrable, non-prorated Canadian warranty.

Soteria Metal Roofs

Meet Our Team

With a Roofs of Steel roof you don’t ever have to worry about re-roofing your home. All of our steel roofing installers have their working at heights licenses and are covered by WSIB and liability insurance.

about roofs of steel, About, Roofs of Steel
Antonia BosModel Home Program Manager

“Growing up in the Netherlands, the importance of a long-term outlook became deeply ingrained in me. Both to save money AND to make money, you need products that last a long time and that exude quality. Nothing is more important than the roof when selling a house. And when done right, nothing will have a bigger return on investment. That is why we do it right.

In Canada, this used to be the focus as well. Over the last few decades, the disposable mentality prevailed. That has resulted in long standing and widely used construction and roofing practises that simply do not stand the test of time, quality, or beauty. Add our current weather patterns to the mix, and the life expectancy of many exteriors has gone down substantially. Paying attention to the details to ensure that the roof will withstand these factors, makes a phenomenal difference. The quality is tangible – as is the amazing increase in curb appeal and re-sale value. By trade, I am an interior decorator, and have helped numerous clients realize a substantial return on investment just by adding this roof.

It is very rewarding to know that we are creating roofs that will last more than a century. By then, the vast majority of roofs will be done in metal. The majority of those, will have been installed more recently by large companies who focus on quantity. The relatively few that were installed by Roofs of Steel, will be recognized as the benchmark for heritage quality roofs.”

about roofs of steel, About, Roofs of Steel
Michel & ShaunCrew Leaders
Michel and Shaun’s crew are a force of nature. From the moment they arrive, they are particularly focused on getting the roof done properly. Nothing else matters. If timing is critical and you still want it done right, then ask for Michel and Shaun. Once, when a client needed their new metal roof completed by a certain time, the entire team was there from dawn to dusk each day. In mid June, that made for long days. When the client decided at the last moment to add snow guards, Shaun called to have these delivered immediately. He then had 2 team members hold flash lights so that he could finalize all details properly – and on time.
about roofs of steel, About, Roofs of Steel
NeilCrew Leader
“Every average steel roof prevents 2 tons of toxic asphalt shingles making it to the landfill every 8-10 years. That is at least 10 tons over 50 years. The customers and us are helping to save the planet.”

Neil wrote this after taking cardboard for recycling to the city dump – or as he calls it, the “asphalt shingle grave yard.”

about roofs of steel, About, Roofs of Steel
BrandonCrew Leader
Crew Leader Brandon is our trainer, inspector, and service manager. Time permitting, he also installs roofs. He is passionate about getting everything done properly.
about roofs of steel, About, Roofs of Steel
Our driver Jon delivers your materials with great care.
about roofs of steel, About, Roofs of Steel

Join Our Team

We are hiring individual roofers and full crews.

If you have roofing experience, your working at heights license, a valid driver’s license, a car, and great work skills, then please apply to: info@roofsofsteel.ca

We offer training on our metal roofing installation system, full-time year-round work, and weekly payments on completed work. There is also room for advancement.

If you have a roofing crew of at least two, WSIB, liability insurance, truck with tools, and great work skills, then we want you on our team. Please apply to: info@roofsofsteel.ca

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