products, Our Products, Roofs of Steel

products, Our Products, Roofs of Steel

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Product Overview

products, Our Products, Roofs of SteelOur roofs work WITH nature to ensure they can withstand extreme weather. We do NOT use the problem-prone strapping system that causes condensation. We do NOT put screws through the panels. Instead, we install your new metal roof with tornado clips, letting all panels interlock with each other, the trim, and even the clips. This allows the entire roof to expand and contract without loosening screws over time. It is a true floating roof that withstands winds of up to 200 km/hr.


  • Withstanding extreme weather
  • Wind resistance
  • Colour fastness
  • Rust proofing
  • Hail
  • Longevity

products, Our Products, Roofs of SteelRoofing facts have changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Previous industry standards no longer apply with extreme weather and UV worsening yearly. These worsening conditions are particularly difficult on roofs as they are exposed more than any other surface. Asphalt shingles, fibreglass, and regular metal roofs simply no longer stand up to this abuse.

Strapped Metal

Deck-mounted steel roofs outperform strapped metal roofs for many reasons, including sound level. The main reason, however, is that strapped roofs create a gap. The top of that gap (metal) gets hot, while the bottom (your existing roof) does not. This temperature difference is how you create condensation, which is not good. Instead, our deck-mounted roof is installed directly onto your current roof, removing any chance of condensation forming.

Deck-mounted Metal

products, Our Products, Roofs of SteelRoofs of Steel outperforms other deck-mounted steel roofs because our system uses sliding tornado clips that interlock with the panels. This allows the panels to expand and contract without moving the clips or the screws used to attach them. This means that those screws will not be wiggled loose and therefore do not need maintenance. Essentially, we create a truly floating roof that adjusts to various weather conditions while still being anchored down with tornado clips every foot. The famous Kynar 500 finish used is the highest quality in the industry – easily outperforming other paints.

Enjoy a beautiful and organic look with numerous patterns and colour choices.

Asphalt Shingle and Fibreglass Roofs

products, Our Products, Roofs of SteelMetal roofs outperform traditional asphalt or fibreglass shingle roofs by decades. This is especially true since asphalt shingles and their relatives no longer have asbestos. With asbestos, they lasted 25 to 35 years. Without it, we are now replacing these roofs on average every 8 – 10 years. Regardless of what substitute material is added, such as fibreglass, what the shingles are called, or what the warranty states, we are seeing the same average life expectancy. You never stop paying for repairs and replacements, and it does NOT increase the value of your home.


Steel roofs outperform aluminum roofs because aluminum is a soft metal that also expands and contracts at twice the rate of steel. Both aspects are a deal-breaker when you add extreme weather conditions.

Textured Cedar Shake

Our Textured Cedar Shake metal roofs are designed to reflect the rustic and beloved look of traditional cedar shingles. Enjoy the beauty of cedar shakes without the maintenance with our incredible range of Textured Cedar Shake options!

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Colour Options

New Cedar Shake

Our New Cedar Shake metal roofs blend the texture and look of traditional cedar shakes with asphalt shingles. The result is a great balance between rustic and modern, perfect for a wide array of house styles.

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Textured Slate

Our textured slate metal roofs are another great option for anyone looking for a reliable and durable metal roof. Choose from a variety of beautiful colour options to find the perfect match for your home.

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Aged Slate

Our Aged Slate metal roofs are a favourite of ours. With a sleek and modern look, our aged slate metal roofs are an ideal option for anyone wanting a metal roof without standing out too much!

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New Slate

Our New Slate metal roofs lie in the middle of our Textured Slate and Aged Slate options. Not as rustic as our Textured Slate and not as sleek as our Aged Slate. Thus, these are a great option for anyone wanting the best of both!

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