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Are you looking to install a new roof? Are you frustrated with the constant need to replace asphalt shingles? Do you want peace of mind regardless of the weather?

Welcome to Roofs of Steel, Pembroke’s number-one roofing company specializing in high-quality metal roofing. Our steel roofing offers unmatched durability, outlasting traditional asphalt shingles for decades. Our steel roofing materials are significantly tougher and less prone to dents and damage than aluminum roofing.

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“Roofs of Steel was amazing. Antonia was very professional, knowledgeable and explained the roof system in great detail before providing a final quote. Our emails and calls were promptly answered. The crew was very efficient, clean and courteous throughout the entire process. The final product is outstanding and we are very happy with the results. We highly recommend Roofs of Steel!”

Damir Persic

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Metal Roofs?

Choosing metal roofing has so many benefits, including (but not limited to):

, Pembroke Metal Roofing, Roofs of Steel

Energy Conservation

Our metal roofing system is eco-friendly and U.S. Energy Star-approved. A metal roof reflects heat, keeping your home cooler in the summer and helping you save on energy bills.

, Pembroke Metal Roofing, Roofs of Steel

Light and Strong  Material

Our metal roofing materials are extremely strong yet light, weighing only 1/4 of what conventional shingles do.

, Pembroke Metal Roofing, Roofs of Steel

Made in Canada 

We source most of our metal roofs from Canadian manufacturers, using high-quality steel produced in Ontario.

, Pembroke Metal Roofing, Roofs of Steel

Better Design 

A metal roof prevents condensation and minimizes moisture build-up, ideal for snowy regions. Our metal roofing comes with baked-in coatings to prevent corrosion, rust, and the growth of algae, mildew, and moss.

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The Last Roof You’ll Ever Buy

Once your metal roof is installed, you can say goodbye to frequent roof replacements and extensive maintenance.

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Customize Your Look

Enhance your home’s curb appeal with our range of earth-toned colours and ultra-low gloss finishes, which will give your roof a natural and stylish appearance.

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Schedule a 45-minute on-site consultation to explore how our steel and metal roofing solutions can enhance your home’s durability and efficiency. Learn about the advantages of upgrading to a metal roof, such as superior resistance to Pemrboke’s harsh weather, energy-saving benefits, and improved aesthetic appeal.

During the consultation, our roofing contractors will guide you through the selection and installation process, customized to your specific needs and location. This session provides an excellent opportunity to ask questions and understand the cost, installation process, and long-term benefits of metal roofing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, no. There are zero benefits to removing the old shingles and several benefits to leaving them:

  • You save the labour cost for removal.
  • It is an extra insulation layer.
  • It acts as an extra sound barrier.
  • The most important benefit of leaving the shingles is that every time you remove them, the hundreds of nails keeping them in place are torn out of the plywood. This leaves holes, and often, chunks of plywood come out.

With our roof, you can safely leave those shingles. Our underlay creates the perfect environment for the old shingles and the plywood underneath. The special underlay can breathe. And while no water, ice or snow can penetrate it, moisture underneath can evaporate. Everything under the underlay will remain dry and breathable.

Our roof is designed to easily accommodate solar panels. The roof is installed directly onto the existing roof – without a gap caused by strapping. That means it is very easy to install solar panels right over it.

The other advantage is that with a disposable roof, you need to have the solar panels removed and re-installed every time you re-roof or do maintenance. Our roof does not require maintenance and does not need to be replaced for a lifetime.

A new type of solar panel is being developed that will be glued directly onto metal roofs. You are maximizing your future options.

Yes, you can walk on our roof because it is installed directly onto your existing roof. Most other metal roofs are installed using wooden slats (strapping) that create a gap. This gap means that you can only walk where the slats are. With our roof, you don’t have to worry about that.

A number of homeowners with either asphalt shingle or metal roofs are getting snow guards to break up the snow as it comes off the roof. With a metal roof, snow will no longer accumulate. It will come off in smaller batches. This again means less stress on your home! Whether to go with snow guards or not depends on where people walk and what your preference is. If your entrance is under a gable, then no snow should come down in that area. If there is no gable, then you have the option to install snow guards or not. Most people don’t.

Our Kynar500 finish is US Energy Star approved. It results in energy savings of up to 35%. Easily 65% of radiant energy enters your home through your asphalt or fibreglass shingle roof. A Roofs of Steel roof solves that immediately. The savings really add up.

A steel roof is one of the most sustainable roofing options available. The average asphalt or fibreglass shingle needs to be replaced every 8 to 10 years. Not only is this process expensive and tedious, but it also creates tons of waste for landfills. Additionally, asphalt and fibreglass shingles contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Metal roofs solve all of these problems and have the added benefit of being recyclable!

A Roofs of Steel metal roof has been galvanized on both sides and has a rating of G90 – meaning that your Roof of Steel has a longer lifespan than the typical asphalt or fibreglass roof. Our roofs are also designed with Canada’s climate in mind. Our roofs are meant to withstand extreme changes in weather. Finally, our roofs have the highest hail and dent resistance rating in the industry, giving your home the protection it needs.

Asphalt and fibreglass shingles can crack and split during hail. Aluminum is a soft metal that dents easily. But our roof has the highest hail and dent resistance rating in the industry. In a worst-case scenario, during a particularly extreme hailstorm, if there are one or two minor dents, these simply blend in with the beautiful texture of the cedar or slate profiles.

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