Styles and Colour Options

Canadian Autumn Shake

Cedar Shake Style Tile

(Pictured: Canadian Autumn Cedar Shake)

With the Cedar Shake style you can now achieve the look of hand-split cedar shakes in a maintenance free, light-weight metal shingle. Thanks to our ultra-low gloss finish, there is no need to sacrifice looks for a maintenance-free roofing solution. This is by far the most versatile panel available to date and can be applied to multiple different types of homes.

Slate Style Tile

(Pictured: River Stone Slate)

With the Slate Style roofing panel, you can beautify your home with the elegant and timeless appearance of quarried slate. The shingle panels' deep rustic texture create a natural shadowing effect that ensures the feel of old country slate. Design architects agree that slate will greatly enhance the appearance of any home regardless of size or roof slope.

The beauty is in the details. We are the only company that took the extra step to take a mould of a cedar shake and of a slate roof, in order to emboss galvanized steel. This extra step makes a phenominal difference. To top it off, while the industry standard is to single stamp the roof shingle, our products are double stamped to bring a true depth that can be appreciated from a distance.

Both the Slate and Cedar styles are traditional to Canada, and have a natural, organic look. This means that they will never go out of style. We have considered other styles such as European tile, Mediterranean clay, etc. Because our roof is permanent, we decided against styles that are trendy for only a couple of decades. Your Roofs of Steel roof will not only last a lifetime, but also stay current and beautiful for many decades.

Colour Options

River Stone


Canadian Autumn Metal roof

Canadian Autumn

metal roof pebble



Roofs of Steel is continuously improving our premium products to ensure customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for THREE new Roofs of Steel metal roof shades coming soon!

  • Raven - a nice slick black, very on trend.
  • Northern Lights - a lovely deep green
  • Claypot Red - A bright and colourful addition to any home